• Building a Console App with .NET Generic Host

    The .NET Generic Host is a feature which sets up some convenient patterns for an application including those for dependency injection (DI), logging, and configuration. It was originally named Web Host and intended for Web scenarios like ASP.NET Core applications but has since been generalized (hence the rename to Generic Host) to support other scenarios, such as Windows services, Linux daemon services, or even a console app.

  • Setting up a Security System with Home Assistant

    Update Jun 3, 2020: Adjusted for breaking changes in version 0.110.

  • Authoring MSBuild Project SDKs

    You may have seen the term “SDK-style projects” referring to MSBuild projects which have an Sdk attribute on the root <Project> element, and generally are associated with .NET Core projects. This article explains how they work and when and how you should author your own.

  • Migrating from WebCORE to Home Assistant

    About a month ago I decided to migrate all my home automation from WebCORE to Home Assistant. I liked the idea of all my home automation being local and inside my house, both from a security and reliability perspective. Furthermore it just seemed like a fun project to tinker with, and in general seemed like it would add a bunch of flexibility to my home automation. In this post I’ll describe my experience with the migration, the good and the bad.

  • Learn Span<T> by Implementing a high-performance CSV Parser

    Ever since I first heard about Span<T>, I’ve been wanting play around with using it. It’s a ref struct, so the semantics of using this type and the restrictions that go along with it are best understood by actually trying to use it. So I decided to build a simple CSV parser and see how the performance compared to other mainstream CSV parsers.

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