• Building a NAS and Media Server for under $500

    Lately I’ve been realizing that purchased digital media isn’t really yours, and a recent event in particular sparked me into doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now: build a NAS to contain all my legally purchased digital media, digital backups of physical media, as well as personal documents and photos.

  • Limited Parallelism Work Queue

    In the realm of asynchronous operations within C# applications, maintaining optimal performance often requires a delicate balance between execution and resource allocation. The need to prevent CPU oversubscription while managing numerous concurrent tasks is a common challenge faced by developers.

  • Scripting Machine Setup

    Lately, I’ve found myself setting up multiple computers, and with Microsoft DevBox on the horizon, I anticipate working with “fresh” machines more frequently. Like many developers, I thrive in a familiar environment with my preferred tools and settings, as muscle memory kicks in and I can efficiently tackle any task. Unfortunately, the process of setting up a new machine can be quite cumbersome. To address this challenge, I took matters into my own hands and developed a script that streamlines the entire setup process for me.

  • Removing unused dependencies with ReferenceTrimmer

    It’s been a while since I first introduced ReferenceTrimmer and a lot has changed.

  • Async Mutex

    The Mutex class in .NET helps manage exclusive access to a resource. When given a name, this can even be done across processes which can be extremely handy.

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