• Setting up a Roaming Developer Console

    Have you ever wanted to have your personal scripts and aliases just always available to you in any console session? Well, it’s possible!

  • Testing asynchronous code: async vs fake async

    In the last post I explored implementing a mock which tested asynchronous code in a “fake” asynchronous way, and I promised to dive a little deeper into that concept and compare it with testing in an asynchronous way.

  • HttpClient and Unit Testing

    If you’ve written C# which uses HttpClient and tried to unit test it, you probably noticed that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to mock out. If this github issue is any indication, many developers don’t find it particularly easy either. It’s certainly not impossible, but it requires learning about some of the internals of HttpClient, such as HttpMessageHandler as the HttpClient is designed as just a wrapper around these things.

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